Which Is The Best Lantern Chandelier For Dining Room In 2021?

We are busy in our daily work and need enough time to spend with ourselves and family to stay together and share our daily thoughts with them.

Although, there are various places to enjoy like an outdoor trip or a happy time in the backyard with family, lunch and dinner is a perfect place to enjoy the food and share your daily routine with loved ones.

A dining room is a place where you have your lunch, dinner or supper talking about your work, friends and sharing your thoughts with family having a perfect happy time with them.

According to research experts, a dining room is for not only consuming a balanced diet or nourishment but also the place to gather together and relax your day-to-day work stresses.

The lantern chandelier for dining room play a major role offering you perfect lighting conditions. It is recommended that lights having mild brightness and warmth light can be a perfect combination for your eyes and lovely moods. 

Strong brightness may spread over a wider area. However, they may strain your eyes leading to headache and sleepiness.

In this article, you will learn about all about chandelier for dining room and its lighting conditions perfectly suited for dining rooms.

What Is Chandelier?

A chandelier is a lovely and beautiful lighting fixture decorating your space with its large branches of lights consisting of candles, light bulbs and lanterns.

It is a perfect choice for your home decor and freshen up the gloomy moods to happy moods with its dazzling lighting conditions. Also, it can be used to increase the charm during birthday celebrations or wedding functions.

These chandeliers contain various candles, lamps, light bulbs or lanterns illuminating your living room, dining room or patio with ambient fresh lights.

How Do Chandeliers Work?

The chandeliers contain bright lights having branches of hanging crystal prisms to illuminate your space with its gorgeous 360 degree attractive lighting. 

Types Of Chandeliers 

There are various types of chandeliers in the market. We are going to discuss the top 5 types of chandeliers suitable for living rooms and dining rooms.

  1. Candle Chandeliers
  2. Glass Chandeliers
  3. Crystal Chandeliers
  4. Modern Chandeliers
  5. Lantern Chandeliers

Candle Chandeliers

candle chandelier

As the name suggests, the chandeliers consist of candle lights illuminating your living rooms and let you enjoy the fresh lighting conditions.

The candle chandeliers are perfect for a traditional and retro look with lovely golden shine.

These chandeliers are perfect picks for dining rooms having beautiful and elegant looks to spend a good time with your family.

Glass Chandeliers

glass chandelier

The gorgeous and impressive glass chandeliers create an amazing ambiance in your room to enjoy the clean and fresh white light.

It contains various small lights decorating and spreading the light over a wider area.

These chandeliers are created in various designs and the aim is to freshen up your moods with its strong white bright lights.

Crystal Chandeliers

crystal chandelier

The super elegant and impressive crystal chandeliers are lovely bright chandeliers designed with unique and attractive designs.

These chandeliers are perfect for living rooms and dining rooms illuminating the space.

The style of these chandeliers are pretty and help you spend a happy family time having dinner with your loved ones.

Modern Chandeliers

modern chandelier

Modern chandeliers are equipped with modern lights including light bulbs, LED lanterns, etc. Also, it is constructed with quality materials to hold lights and help to lighten-up your space with its cool fresh white light.

These chandeliers are suitable for living rooms as well as dining rooms.

It is designed with elegance and modern designs of this digital age. Also, it comes in various geometric shapes to illuminate your room.

Along with living rooms and dining rooms, these chandeliers are also suitable for kitchens and bedrooms to have a happy time in your comfort zone.

Lantern Chandeliers

lantern chandelier

Lantern chandeliers consist of old-fashioned lanterns creating ambiance and elegance in the room with warm vintage vibes.

These chandeliers may contain oil lanterns or LED lanterns. These lanterns add a different unique look and experience perfect warm lighting conditions.

We will know more about lantern chandeliers further helping you know the best lantern chandelier for dining room.

These were types of chandeliers. Let’s move towards dining room lighting conditions to help you choose a lovely lantern chandelier for the dining room.

Dining Room Lighting

There are different lights available to illuminate your dining rooms. It depends on your moods, emotions and type of lighting suitable for your home decor.

The chandelier containing only one light cannot spread the light in the dining room. It is necessary the series of lights fitting into its branches can easily fill your dark rooms with blazing bright lights.

The light branches are designed in such a way that lights fit easily into it and spreads the light over a wider area. Also, chandeliers are designed to ensure the light spreads over all seating areas and help you experience super dazzling bright light.

There are two major types of dining room lighting:-

  1. LED Bulb Type
  2. Lantern Type

LED Bulb Type

LED Bulb Type consists of halogen or incandescent bulbs. These bulbs have strong brightness. Make sure it reduces glare so that the brightness won’t hurt your eyes.

Choose the bulbs having a warm glow offering a perfect cozy feel while enjoying your food with your friends and family.

Modern chandeliers have dimming options to adjust the brightness as per your choice.

Read our buying guide to choose best led bulbs for chandeliers

Lantern Type

Lantern type consists of oil or LED lanterns placed over the branches of chandeliers. Sometimes, oil lamps are the best combination to create elegance in the dining room.

The lanterns usually have warm light perfect for your eyes and have good food with a good mood.

One needs to make sure to pick lightweight lanterns, so that it won’t create excessive tension in the hook.

Benefits Of Lantern Chandeliers In Dining Room

As we learned earlier, lantern chandeliers are beautiful and elegant, illuminating your space with its perfect warm light.

These are top 3 benefits of lantern chandeliers in dining room:-

  1. Lantern chandeliers are super elegant
  2. Lantern chandeliers consume less space
  3. Lantern chandeliers have wide range of modern designs

Super Elegant

As mentioned earlier, lantern chandeliers are super elegant and are attractive, grabbing your attention and offering perfect ambiance to your dining room.

Consumes Less Space

The lantern chandeliers are bright and consume less space allowing you to add natural circulation fans to enjoy the light and air while having a good time with your family. The lights are warm and don’t damage walls due to the heavy weight of the chandelier.

Wide Range of Modern Designs

The lantern chandeliers provide an old-fashioned look to your room designed with modern creative designs offering lovely vibes in your dining room.

Best Lantern Chandelier For Dining Room

As I promised, this is the best lantern chandelier for the dining room to enjoy attractive lighting conditions and have a happy time with friends and family.

Hykolity Light Rustic Chandelier

4-Light Rustic Chandelier, Adjustable Height Lantern Pendant Light with Oak Wood and Iron Finish, Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures for Dining Room, Kitchen, Hallway and Entryway, 18H x 12W, ETL Listed

With its strong oak wood and iron finish, Hykolity Light Rustic Chandelier is perfect for dining rooms having fresh white bright light.

The chandelier is equipped with oak wood and antique style iron finish offering a perfect iconic silhouette to your dining room. 

The chandelier has multi-purpose use and can be used for living rooms or entryways. 

One of the excellent features is that it has a height adjustment feature allowing you to adjust the height and choose the best design as per your choice.

It consists of 4 lights with 60W candelabra each [E12] base bulbs. Also, one can use dimmable bulbs to easily adjust the brightness as per their choice.

The installation of the lantern chandelier is easy requiring no technical experience and easy to mount hardware with user-friendly techniques.

All in all, Hykolity Light Rustic Chandelier is an antique and unique bright chandelier completely suitable for dining rooms as well as living rooms offering luminous lighting conditions in your room.

Features of the product
Rustic look with super brightness
Adjustable height to choose various designs as per choice
4 Bright lights for cozy feel and perfect atmosphere
Has dimmable light feature to adjust the brightness
Installation doesn’t require any technical experience
Specifications of the product
Brand = Hykolity
Style = Rustic
Color = Wood
Material = Wood, Iron
No. of lights = 4
Voltage = 120V
Power source = Corded-electric
Bulb type = LED
Size of the product = 21 x 14 x 14 inches
Weight of the product = 8.83 pounds
  • Unique and traditional look
  • Perfect for dining room & living room
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Easy to install
  • Available only in two colors


That’s all readers! This is all about lantern chandeliers. These help to create elegance and ambiance in your room.

Make sure you read the article in detail and then you move to buy the best lantern chandelier for dining room.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer as soon as possible. Till then, Have a Good Day!

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