How To Choose A Table Lamp? [8 Factors To Consider]

A table lamp is a source of light on a table or furniture. Table lamps serve as the simplest lighting options in the lamp family. 

Modern contemporary table lamps may act as a source of direct or diffused light to enhance the atmosphere with the perfect bulb form, shade, shape, and color. 

The good ol ‘table lamp might seem like a less fancy alternative in a world dominated by dazzling chandeliers, incredibly innovative pendant lights and bright floor lamps. 

But do not underestimate the worth of a table lamp that is durable and elegant. The table lamp will add symmetry, colour, contrast, texture and, of course, lighting to any space it adorns when used correctly.

Let’s learn how to choose a table lamp in this article.

In addition, good table lamps have the following characteristics that are listed as follows.

Characteristics of Good Table Lamp

The portability is the main characteristics of the good table lamp. The table lamp provides comfort and can be carried without much hassle from one location to another. 

And, off course, for your table lamp, you don’t need an electrician; they come with a handy cord and plug. 

The use of wires, cables, and connectors has further removed the invention of wireless table lamps. The characteristics of table lamps are listed as follows:

  1. It should be portable.
  2. Table lamps may add texture and emotion to the place they illuminate and hence eliminate the boredom.
  3. As the table lamp emits concentrated light, decrease glare and shadow and help alleviate eye strain when reading.
  4. The table lamp accentuates the elegance of the space and, even when turned off, serve as a piece of art.

How to Choose a Table Lamp?

The following factors are needed to consider in choosing the right table lamp.

  1. Finding the correct spot

Find the location where you have to position the table lamp, depending on the goal. A table lamp should be placed in the hall for decorative purposes, or it should be placed by the bed for reading at bedtime.

  1. Height of Table Lamp

A very tricky aspect is the choice of the appropriate table lamp height. The general norm is to use a table lamp while you are sitting or sleeping, where the bottom of the shade is at your eye level.

  1. Size of Table Lamp

The size of the table lamp depends on a small or large desk. Clip-on lamps can be chosen for small tables. Lamps with small bases will suit well, as a general rule. 

For a large desk, table lamps that have an additional scope need to be selected. It makes sure that the lamp can be used in the most productive way. 

  1. Shape of Table Lamp

There are different shapes of table lamps such as drum, rectangular, coolie, cylindrical, Bell, oval, etc.

  1. Style of Table Lamp

The style of table lamps differentiates the appearance of the room enormously. Also, the table lamp gives a radiant focal point to the room.

  1. Colour of light

The table lamp provides an opportunity to add a color punch and allows you to bring any hue of the choice. A wide variety of consistency of the bulb being used comes from table lamps. Using energy-efficient and flexible options is recommended.

  1. Adjustability of Table Lamp

When selecting a table lamp, adjustability is of immense importance. Lamps that provide greater versatility and adaptability help the consumer to position the beam more conveniently. 

  1. Cost of Table Lamp

The last but not least factor of consideration is the cost of the table lamp. Table lamps are sold at different prices. And hence, if you want the right one for your services, choose the table lamp at reasonable rates.

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Types of Table Lamps

There is hardly anything that can beat the versatility of a table lamp when it comes to indoor lamps. 

A suitable table lamp placed at a proper height would always be a great choice, whether it is for accentuation (focusing on a specific item) or to create an atmosphere in the room or to create pure aesthetics.

When sitting next to the lamp, a table lamp is intended to be set at approximate eye level or just above, so it is best placed on top of a chair-side end table or next to your sofa. 

Whether it is for accenting i.e. focusing on a specific item or to establish an ambience in the room or to make pure aesthetics – a suitable table lamp placed at a proper height such as a table or desk, would always be a great choice. 

Depending upon the functions, the following are the different types of table lamps.

  1. Study Lamp

Study lamps ought to be much more than a decorative component of a utility lamp. 

As the primary functions to be served are easy reading and working on computers, most of them come with an option to change the angle and height of the lamp. Again, with more trendy designs flaunting retro, antique and contemporary looks coming on the market, the choices are abundant. 

  1. Decorative Table Lamp

The decorative lamp is more of a decorative component than an actual light source. 

The emphasis is certainly on the lamp’s exterior appearance. There are lamps that can be replaced with a plain and elegant foundation, but with ornate shades. 

There are also lamps whose main attraction is the base and the shades are just a mere cover over the light.

  1. Tiffany lamps

Tiffany lamps with shades that are joined together with copper foil made of cut stained glass pieces. 

Although the name was originally given to those lamps designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and his design studio because of their dominant influence, Tiffany is the name of any lamp designed with a similar look and technique.

  1. Fibre Optic Table Lamp

The fibre optic lamp is a  great option for a party or as a decorative piece in a darker corner to create a soothing atmosphere. 

Like fibers, the thin hair is made of glass or special polymers that operate on the principle of total inner reflection that transmits the light from the base to the tip. 

With many other variations, these come in single and multiple colored lights, making it a center of attraction.

  1. Nightstand Lamp

There should be soft and warm lights near the bed that light up the side of the bed without disturbing sleep. 

Typically, the nightstand lamp used is warm and covered by a translucent lamp shade that diffuses the light that flows through it.

  1. Piano Lamp

Initially, piano lamps were mainly used to help musicians read sheet music on the piano. Some individuals use these piano lamps to study and instead use them on desks. 

These lights may serve as alternatives to traditional study lamps.  In any form of situation in which small and portable lamps are needed, piano lamps may operate.

  1. Banker’s Lamp

A banker’s lamp is a type of table lamp that is generally short, made of glass with a half cylinder shade. 

The lampshade is usually green glass, but there are also different color choices available. 

It’s most sometimes used on the top of a piano because the lamp shines downwards, where it can help illuminate the music. The banker’s lamps in large libraries lined up on tables.

  1. Torchiere Lamp

A Torchiere lamp is a form of Uplight, whereas most table lamps direct light downwards. Inside the lamp, the bulb points upward, and at the top, the shade or covering on the bulb opens. 

  1. Buffet Lamp

Usually, the buffet lamps belong to pairs that are probably at the ends of sideboards or buffet tables. They are meant to provide a piece of furniture with balance. 

Buffet lamps tend to be taller than table lamps of other types. Several styles are at least 32 inches high. With a wider lamp shade, the lamps are also generally thin or narrow.

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Advantages of Table Lamp

It is common to have a table lamp on the nightstand in the bedroom. It is an aspect that goes beyond only being a basic decoration, as it is also a very valuable piece of furniture that enhances our everyday life. 

It has many advantages as a decorative device, as it can complement the ceiling lamp to achieve a pleasant result, and it is not far behind as a practical element. 

The advantages of table lamp are listed as below:

  1. Convenient to turn on.
  2. Only illuminate the particular region.
  3. The person sleeping with you is not bothered by it.
  4. Because of the dim light bulb, the entire night is fine to keep going.
  5. They serve as decorative elements occasionally.


A table lamp is a point of illumination on a table or other piece of furniture that sits. Table lamps act as the simplest illumination options in the lamp family. 

Modern contemporary table lamps may act as a source of direct or diffused light to enhance the atmosphere with the ideal bulb form, shade, shape, and color. 

The table lamps are one of the most valuable things and are ideal for planning and installing a feature in the bedroom as well as the other parts of the home. 

This is all about how to choose a table lamp. If you have any queries regarding this topic, please let me know in the comment section below.

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