How To Change Light Bulbs In High Chandelier? [3 Easy Steps]

The branched decorative light attachment which mounted on the ceiling as well as walls is commonly known as chandelier. 
The chandelier is the best option of decoration for the attractive and rich look of home. The word chandelier comes from the french word ‘chandelle’ which means candle. 

Initially,candles were used for light but now, different lights such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lights and most recently LEDs are used in chandeliers. 
There are different shapes of chandelier lights.The common shape of the chandelier light is like a candle. Besides this, bullet, candle angular and flame style are popular among interested people.

The chandelier bulbs with E12 and E26 of size base means Edison screw with 12 mm and 26mm diameter respectively in the base.
The chandelier is mounted on the high ceiling. It is durable but most of the time, chandelier light does not work properly so it needs to be replaced with a new one.

The biggest challenge of changing the light bulb in a high chandelier. In this article, I will show How To Change Light Bulbs In High Chandelier. But, before that let’s know the reasons to change light bulbs in chandelier.

The reasons of need of change of light bulb and methods to change it are explore is as follows:-

Reasons For Change Of Light Bulb In Chandelier

The beautiful luster is affected when some light bulb is not working properly in the chandelier. So light bulbs should be changed to enhance the effect of chandeliers. The following are reasons for change of light bulb in chandelier:

  1. The inner filament in the light is broken and burned out.
  2. The glass of bulb is broken
  3. The light bulb is continuously flickering.
  4. The smart bulb needs to be installed to control on/off, change color of light through the smartphone.
  5. For the better life span of light and saving of electricity, one is to change it with LED light.
  6. If light is working but it is near to its exhaust.

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How To Change Light Bulbs In High Chandelier?

The light bulb in the chandelier can be changed by self or by the expert. It is a big challenge because the chandelier is mounted on high height. 

With the help of following equipment and methods, one can change the light bulb in chandelier which are briefly explained as follows:

Use of Ladder

With the help of a right size ladder, change of light in the chandelier is possible. Firstly, set up the ladder properly in level and steady position at a clear surface to reach the chandelier. 

To avoid the electric shock, switch off the main power supply. Before climbing, make sure that the ladder is stable or tell somebody to hold it. After reaching the chandelier, remove the cover over the light which is to be changed. 

The upward and downward facing bulb can be changed by rotating it clockwise and anticlockwise direction respectively. The new bulb should be put in place of the old one. Check the new bulb as it is working or not by switching on the main power. Lastly, put back the cover.

But someone who is scared of heights, doesn’t want to use the ladder. In that case, he should adopt the option of telescoping bulb grabber which is explained in the next point.

Use of Telescoping Bulb Grabber

The use of a ladder is not possible for a person who is scared of height. In that case, a telescoping bulb grabber is helpful to change the light bulb at a high ceiling chandelier.
The chandeliers have upward and downward facing light bulbs. 

The standard variant of bulb grabber is used to change downward facing light bulbs, whereas sticky bulb grabber is used to change upward facing light bulbs. To change the light bulb in the chandelier, first turn off the main power supply. 

The bulb grabber has to be connected to the extension pole to reach the height of the chandelier. Very carefully, the grabber has to be kept on the bulb’s top. With the help of notches provided in the grabber, grab the light bulb which has to be changed. 

The grabber has to be rotated according to an upward or downward facing light bulb to take the bulb out. 

The grabber brings it down and with the help of releasing string on the grabber, removes the defective bulb. Put the new bulb in the grabber and bring it up to the chandelier. Fix the bulb in the socket by pulling the releasing string and skewing it properly. Turn the chandelier on to form sure everything is functioning properly.

The telescoping bulb grabber is a little heavier and requires practice to use. The user should confirm that he’s twisting the bulb within the proper direction to urge obviate it otherwise he’s just tightening it but he actually doesn’t know. 

The chandelier may cause damage if the telescopic bulb grabber mistakenly touches it. This is a tricky  but honest tool for the work.

Use of lift

The one that is afraid of heights and has no skill to work telescoping bulb grabbers, for him installing a lift-based mechanism is the best choice. 

By this mechanism, the chandelier is brought down when required and beside this, It doesn’t need any skill to change the bulb within the chandelier. To fix the lift in the chandelier, firstly switch off the power to avoid the electric shock. 

The magnetic electric box is fixed to the right top hole in the chandelier. The magnetic electric box can be connected to motorized winch with the help of some access on the ceiling. After that, connect the lift to the electrical source and wires of the chandelier. 

There is a button from which one can take the chandelier to ground and after changing or cleaning the bulb, it goes back to height. 

Changing the bulb within the chandelier becomes a really easy task after fitting the lift in it.

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The most challenging thing in the high chandelier is to change the light bulb. One may use a ladder, telescoping bulb grabber or lift to change the damaged bulb. 

The changing bulb by ladder is not so costly, but someone needs to hold it. If there’s nobody to hold the ladder or an individual is afraid of height, the ladder method goes vainly. For this situation, a telescoping bulb grabber is used. It is a little heavier and requires a skill to operate it. 

The use of lift in the chandelier is the best method to change the bulb in it. The lift is operated by button so it does not require any extra skill and does not require to go at height.

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