How Many Lumens Do I Need For A Desk Lamp In 2021?

We are filled up with lights and lights play a vital role in our life. Whether it may be natural light or LED lights working in the office, lights are part of our life.

There are various lights used in our day-to-day life. It may be sunlight, halogen lights, incandescent lights, LED lights, etc. These lights help us to set our good moods and help us to accomplish our daily goals.

These lights can be used in industries, classrooms, table lamps, desk lamps or simply decorating your living room.

So, How many lumens do I need for a desk lamp?

Well, you don’t need to worry! This article will cover all the details to choose perfect light with super brightness for your desk lamps.

Let’s dive in!

What is Brightness?

Brightness is the cause of visual recognition in which the source appears to be light or source of light.

It is the measurement element of light helping you choose lights, lamps and lanterns for indoors as well as outdoors.

What Causes Brightness?

Brightness is the absolute value of tones of lightness and darkness. The amount of photons entering into our eyes cause brightness and we can look at things perfectly.

How To Calculate Brightness?

According to inverse-square law, brightness is the ratio of luminosity to illuminated area.

Brightness, B = [Luminosity, L]/[Area of sphere, 4πD^2]

Technically, brightness is inversely proportional to square of the distance.

What Is Lumen?

Lumen is the SI unit of luminous flux or a unit to measure brightness of lamps, lights or lanterns.

It helps to define the intensity of light bulbs and get perfect lumen lights as per your use.

Difference Between Lumen & Watt

As we learnt earlier, lumen is the unit to measure brightness and it helps to choose bright light through lumen and low power consumption light bulbs.

It is necessary to know about power and its unit to choose a light bulb having low power consumption with sufficient brightness and helping you reduce annual energy costs.

Scientifically, power is the ratio of energy to time. For light bulbs, the power consumption ranging from 4W to 8W with enough brightness is perfect for indoor lighting.

These light bulbs have eye-friendly nature as well as perfect lighting conditions for your table lamps or desk lamps.

Parameters ↓LumenWattage
DefinitionAmount of light emitted by light sourceAmount of energy per unit time
Halogen Bulb300-500 lumen35W
Incandescent Bulb200-300 lumen25-30W
CFL Bulb500-700 lumen11W
LED Bulb700-1000 lumen15W

These were few parameters to look after while buying any light bulb having super brightness and low power consumption.

how many lumen does desk lamp need

The above chart explains the Lumens vs Watt for each medium screw-base light bulb.

It is necessary to buy the incandescent bulb with preferred wattage as well as preferred lumen brightness for optimal performance and super efficiency.

It is seen that LEDs having power consumption up to 9W have 450 lumen brightness much better than incandescent bulbs, CFL bulbs and halogen bulbs.

These are the differences between lumen and wattage. Let’s move to the next topic.

How Many Lumens Brightness Suitable Age Wise? 

We have learned about the brightness, lumens and wattage. Now, it is necessary to use suitable age light bulbs helping you get fresh light without stressing your eyes and leading to headache.

It is observed that kids are suitable with brightness ranging from 600-1200 lumen. This brightness can be achieved with LED bulbs consuming power from 8W-12W.

Teenagers are comfortable with light bulbs having brightness ranging from 450-600 lumen to avoid any eye-strain while reading or studying under desk lamps.

Typically, 800-1200 lumen brightness is perfect for adults to read your favorite book in the bed. It is necessary to look for warm color temperatures to avoid eye-strain due to overexposure of lights.

The strong enough bright light with at least 1000 lumen brightness is suitable for senior citizens with 75 year old eyes. 

What Is Desk Lamp & Which Light Bulbs Are Suitable For It?

Desk lamp is a type of task lighting that helps you read a book or accomplish your daily tasks.

Light bulbs having 450 lumen brightness having color temperature up to 5000K can be suitable for desk lamps or table lamps.

How Many Lumens Do I Need For A Desk Lamp?

For desk lamps, 800 lumen brightness is most suitable to get enough brightness and spend a happy reading, studying or accomplishing detailed tasks.

This bright light is suitable for kids, teenagers, adults as well as senior citizens without hurting your eyes due to strong blazing brightness.

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Which Is The Best Light Bulb For Desk Lamp?

We have learned about lamps, brightness, lumen, wattage as well as best lumen light for desk lamps.

Before concluding, let’s know the best light bulb for desk lamps.

Soft White LED Light Bulbs

Led Lightbulbs 60w Soft White A19 Led Bulb ,E26 Standard Base Base,60w Equivalent led Light Bulbs,for Desk Floor Lamp Etc,Non-dimmable 4 Pack

Review about the product:-

The soft white and white brightness, Soft White LED Light Bulbs are perfect picks for table lamps or desk lamps.

The 3000K color temperature light bulbs easily replaces a 60W light bulb having 80+ CRI [color rendering index] having brightness 800 lumen to fill your room with fresh light.

The light is energy efficient consuming 9W power saving up to 85% energy replaces the traditional 60W incandescent or halogen bulb to save your annual electricity cost.

The bulbs are equipped with integrated LED chips making it eco-friendly without flickering and reducing eye strain and providing good comfort for eyes.

The easy to install and versatile ideally used for bedrooms, living rooms or dining rooms. Also, the safe and non-toxic lights help you enjoy the brilliant lighting conditions in your comfort zone.

To conclude, Soft White LED Light Bulb is the best light bulb for desk lamp having instant brightness filling your room with clean fresh light perfectly suitable for your desk lamp.

Features of the product
Super white bright light with 800 lumen brightness
Energy efficient and consumes low power
Eye-friendly and environment friendly
Have wide applications
Specifications of the product
Color = Soft white
Material = Plastic & aluminium
Bulb type = LED
Brightness = 800 lumen
Wattage = 9W
Size of the product = 8.5 x 4.69 x 2.87 inches
Weight of the product = 7.4 ounces
  • Bright light and energy efficient
  • Saves overall electricity cost
  • Eye-friendly
  • May heat-up after longer run

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All in all, bright light bulbs with 800 lumen brightness are suitable for desk lamps. These light bulbs can help you read your book or complete day-to-day tasks and experience perfect lighting conditions.

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