10 Best Battery Hurricane Lantern In 2021

We live in the era of advanced technology,yet at times, power cuts are inevitable and leave us annoyed especially during nights!

Imagine it’s a cold silent night, there is a power cut and you are unable to see anything in endless darkness.. pretty annoying right?!

Such stressful situations can easily be handled by blessing yourself with the battery hurricane lantern.

These hurricane lanterns aid you in darkness, replacing your stress and fears with bliss and joy.

But selecting a battery hurricane lantern from so many online products that fulfills all our needs is puzzling!

But no worries, this article won’t let you be in the dark .

This article will help you to find the best companion you wish to have when in darkness.

Factors To Look For To Buy Battery Lantern

Battery types

D Type 

D type of batteries are popular choices for portable gadgets since they last longer than other types of compact batteries,they operate over 1.5 volts.

These batteries are a great choice for hurricane lanterns as long lasting light is required..

AA Batteries

These batteries are smaller in size hence are more portable than D type batteries. AA batteries operate over voltage of 1.5 but due to smaller size they don’t last longer as  D type batteries.


Some hurricane lanterns use chargeable batteries while others need to be directly replaced,with chargeable ones, charging time and cell capacity needs to be considered so that hurricane lanterns last longer. 

Battery Life 

While selecting a chargeable hurricane lantern, battery life is one of the key factors to look for, battery life increases durability since batteries degrade over time.


Brightness of light is measured in lumen. For clear visibility hurricane lanterns with higher lumen are preferred. For outdoor 500 and above lumen is adequate and for indoor 100 lumen should suffice.

Weight of Lantern

Weight is a prime factor in choosing the right Hurricane lantern for outing, lesser the weight of the hurricane lantern, it’s more comfortable to carry it around in a backpack without straining your shoulders.

Material Used

Good material is essential for the durability of any product,we don’t want our hurricane lantern to break especially in the middle of hiking or camping and leave us without light in dark nights. Hence good quality plastic or military grade build material should be preferred. 

Water-Proof & Weather-resistant

While camping, water-proof feature comes in real handy,it protects hurricane lanterns from splashing water or rain which damages and renders it useless when needed.

USB Charging For Smart Devices

Charging phones and other gadgets is a major concern when camping over long adventures, to ease out this problem a good featured hurricane lantern provides a usb port for charging.

Dimmable Feature of Lanterns

Dimmable is the one feature that you should preferably avoid compromising. This feature allows you to change the brightness of LEDs ,this reduces strain on our eyes when light seems too bright when sun sets.Dimming LEDs saves power and battery life hence hurricane lanterns can be used for longer time.

Top 10 Battery Hurricane Lanterns Reviews

  1. UST 30-Day Duro LED 
  2. Streamlight 44947 Super Siege 
  3. LE Rechargeable LED Lantern
  4. LE LED Lantern
  5. Streamlight 44931 Siege
  6. Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern 
  7. Blazin’ Battery LED Rechargeable Lantern
  8. Supernova 300 Lumens Lantern
  9. LED Lantern V2.0
  10. 10. MalloMe LED Lantern

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UST 30-Day Duro LED


Streamlight 44947 Super Siege


LE Rechargeable Lantern


LE LED Lantern


Streamlight 44931 Siege


Rayovac Sportsman Lantern


Blazin' Battery LED Rechargeable Lantern


Supernova 300 Lumens Lantern


LED Lantern V2.0


MalloMe LED  Lantern


UST 30-Day Duro LED Lantern For Hiking

the best battery hurricane lantern

Review about the product:-

The sturdy UST 30-Day Duro LED lantern is the best LED hiking and camping as it provides excellent backup to light up the tent or room

It provides 30 days of backup in dim mode with 30 lumen,106 hours of backup in medium  mode with 140 lumen and 22 hours of backup in high mode with 700 lumen of brightness.

There is also an SOS mode additional to above three modes of brightness,when in SOS mode the lantern flashes which is used for signaling in emergency situations.

Hiking ,camping or outing can be really annoying if things just aren’t portable, the UST 30-Day Duro LED lantern is excellently designed to be compact with rich features and impact resistance.

Be it sunny or rainy,we love to hike no matter what! But sadly most of our smart gadgets get damaged in rain,but not with UST 30-Day Duro LED lanterns. It features IPX4 water resistance to give us illuminating light in dark even in rain.

You can read our buying guide on best battery LED lantern for camping

Features of the product
Four lighting modes — High, Medium, Low, SOS
Three 1.4-watt Nichia white LED bulbs
Powered by three D alkalines 
Measures 7.2 x 3.5 inches (HxW)
Weighs 1.13 pounds (with batteries)
Available in Orange, Titanium, and Glo (glow in the dark)
Specifications of the product
High Mode = 700 lumens, up to 22 hours
Medium Mode = 140 lumens, up to 106 hours
Low Mode = 30 lumens, up to 720 hours (30 days)
Maximum Illumination Area = 29 meters
Removable Globe = Yes
Shock & Water Resistant = IPX4 (splashes from all directions)
Batteries (not included) = Three D, alkaline
Weight with Batteries = 18 ounces
SOS Flashing Mode = Up to 360 hours
  • High brightness
  • Longer battery
  • Heavy duty build
  • Waterproof
  • Poor light color

Streamlight 44947 Super Siege Hiking Lantern

Streamlight 44947 Super Siege 120V AC, Rechargeable and Portable USB Charger, Coyote - 1,100 Lumen

Review about the product:-

The Streamlight 44947 Super Siege is an excellent choice for fabulous bright illumination while camping or hiking with its 1100 lumen white LED light and versatile features.

It provides a light backup of 5.75 hours on 1100 lumen (high mode),11.5 hours on 550 lumen (medium mode) and 36.25 hours on 125 lumen (medium mode)

Along with white light LEDs it also features red light LEDs which runs on high at 2.7 lumen for 140 hours and low at 1 lumen for 348 hours

An additional flashing SOS mode is also included in case of emergency for signaling, it provides 2.7 lumen for 320 hours. 

When it comes to durability,the Streamlight 44947 Super Siege is made up using durable polymer enabling 2m of impact resistance and with a rubber base to provide perfect stability on uneven or slippery surfaces.

The lamp provides impressive light even during rain as it comes with IPX7 waterproof feature submersion up to 1 meter.

Features of the product
Multiple Modes for light adjustment; White LED, Red LED
Tough polycarbonate thermoplastic construction
Portable USB charger
Incorporated D ring on bottom
Rechargeable 10,400 mAh Lithium Ion battery
Specifications of the product
Manufacturer = Streamlight
Part Number = 44947
Item Weight = 1.88 pounds
Product Dimensions = 4 x 4 x 7.2 inches
Material = Synthetic
Color = Coyote
Brightness = 1100 Lumen
Average Battery Life = 35 Hours
  • Portable USB charger
  • Brightness 1100 Lumen
  • High capacity 10,400 mAh Lithium Ion battery
  • Uses a proprietary charger

LE Rechargeable LED Lantern

LE Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern, 1000LM, 5 Light Modes, 3600mAh Power Bank, IPX4 Waterproof, Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane Emergency, Hiking, Home and More, USB Cable Included

Review about the product:-

LE Rechargeable LED Lantern is a perfect overall choice considering its versatile usage for sporty outing, the front light can be used for rescue, hiking and camping to light up the distant area.

The LEDs on the left side illuminates soft white light which can be used for reading/studying  or in a situation where adequate lighting is required.

LE Rechargeable LED Lantern sports a dazzling brightness of 1000 lumen light upto 4-5 hours with front light, the brightness of light can also be dimmed to 400 lumen when required according to our needs. 

On the left side panel, LEDs can also be dimmed to 70 lumen which last for 11-12 hours.

As for versatile usage of the LE Rechargeable LED Lantern it can be also used to recharge USB devices with its two qualified lithium -ion batteries totaling with the capacity of 3600 mAh, this feature comes in real handy during camping or long outing when other power sources have drained out.

Features of the product
Pretty bright and convenient to use
Waterproof and portable perfectly made for hiking, fishing or camping
Helps to charge your USB and smart devices
5 lighting modes to adjust the brightness of your choice
Comfortable handle to carry with ease
Specifications of the product
Brand = LE
Model = 3300006
Batteries = 2 Lithium ion batteries
Size of the product = 9.84 x 4.92 x 6.89 inches
Weight of the product = 1.87 Pounds
  • Gorgeously bright with excellent portability
  • Water-resistant perfectly designed for outdoor use
  • Helps to charge smart devices
  • No storage space to store charger

LE LED Lantern

LE LED Camping Lantern Rechargeable, 600LM, Detachable Flashlight, Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane Emergency, Hiking, Fishing and More, USB Cable and Car Charger Included

Review about the product:-

LE LED Lantern yet another great product from LE featuring 1000 lumen dazzling light perfect for our camping, hiking, fishing or survival needs.

Design of the lantern is  made very ergonomic and convenient, it comes with two hooks one at the top and one other at the base.Using the base hook the lantern can be easily hooked at the middle of the tent to light up the whole tent with its illuminating 360 degree dazzling light.

The lights are dimmable from 1000 lumen (cool white) to 700 lumen (cool white), the light can be further dimmed to 300 lumen with warm white colour light.

LE LED Lantern comes with IPX4 waterproof to protect it against accidental water splashing, which is very common mis-happening while camping, hiking or in the rainy season.   

The lantern is powered with three 1.5 volts D type batteries which are compact and super portable, perfect for camping and hiking.

Features of the product
Waterproof with IPX4
Impressive bright and convenient to use
360 degree illumination
Removable Cap
Specifications of the product
Brand = LE
Weight = 14 oz(400g)
Size = 3.7 * 3.5* 7.2 in
Power Type = D Battery Powered
Color Temperature = 3000K & 6000K
  • High Lumen Brightness
  • Waterproof and Robust
  • 4 Modes to adjust light
  • Annoying super bright blinking power light

Streamlight 44931 Siege Battery Lantern For Outdoors

Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact, Cordless, 7.25 Alkaline Hand Lantern - Coyote - 540 Lumens

Review about the product:-

Streamlight 44931 Siege is a compact, rugged lantern which perfectly fulfills our portability needs with other essential features required for camping,hiking and other outings.

The lantern features powerful four C4 technology LEDs with 540 lumen illuminating brightness on high mode lasting for 30 hours.

On medium mode it sports 275 lumen of dazzling light for 70 hours, while on dim mode it gives 55 lumen brightness for superb 235 long hours. This is also a perfect lantern for power outages.

Along with white light, a red light of 10 lumen is also provided for night vision preservation which lasts for 235 hours,red light can also be used in sos mode(of 10 lumen) in case of emergency for signaling purposes upto 430 hours.

Streamlight 44931 Siege is built to physically last long with tough polycarbonate thermoplastic body, be it falling to rocky mountain or uneven ground it can withstand the impact with its sturdy build.  

Often it’s very disturbing to see our smart gadgets fall in water and get damaged but not with a Streamlight 44931 Siege, it literally floats on the water!,with its IPX7 waterproof  it’s completely resistant to water splashes and upto 1 m submerged into water. 

Features of the product
Multiple modes to adjust light. White LED, Red LED
IPX7 waterproof to 1m submersion
2m Impact resistance tested
Cover is removable 
Specifications of the product
Brand = Streamlight
Part Number = 44931
Item Weight = 15.2 ounces
Batteries = 3 D batteries required.
Product Dimensions = 4 x 4 x 7.25 inches
Color = Coyote
Style = 540 Lumen
Voltage = 3 volts
  • Compact and portable
  • Has Five C4 LEDs
  • D-ring to hang
  • Always starts with brightest mode,strains eyes in dark

Rayovac Sportsman LED Lanterns For Outdoors

Rayovac Sportsman LED Camping Lantern Flashlight, 305 Lumens Battery Powered LED Lanterns for Hurricane Supplies, Survival Kit, Camping Accessories, Water Resistant

Review about the product:-

When it comes to having a reliable, robust, rich featured and easily portable lantern for our camping or hiking needs Rayovac Sportsman LED Lanterns  is the perfect choice.

The lantern uses thick rubber coated hook on the top as well as on the bottom for better grip when you place it just about anywhere.

It has powerful 4 watt LEDs with lights of 350 lumens to enlighten our camping adventures. This is also a good lantern for power outages or emergency lighting.

LEDs feature 3 dimmable modes namely high,low and strobe, with high mode battery lasts for 70 hours.

To extend battery run time a special energy saver mode is provided which can superbly extend run time from 70 hours to 140 hours.

The lantern is so robustly designed with strong shatterproof components that it is impact proof upto 3 feet be it uneven surface or rocky ground. 

Features of the product
Water-resistant lantern perfectly made for outdoor camping
Sturdy handle and strong casing to handle with ease
3 luminous lighting modes with high performance LEDs
Strong, impact resistant and perfectly durable
Impressive light glowing up to 15 meters
70 hours run time on high mode and 140 hours on soft mode
Specifications of the product
Brand = Rayovac
Model = SE3DLND
Batteries = 3 D batteries 
Voltage = 9 Volts
Color = Green
Weight of the product = 13.6 Ounces
Size of the product = 3.35 x 3.35 x 7.28 inches
  • 3 modes to adjust light to enjoy the charming light
  • Rubberized handle to carry anywhere
  • Thick rubber base to place anywhere
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Without light cover the bright exposure hurts our eyes

Blazin’ Battery LED Rechargeable Lantern

Blazin' Battery LED Rechargeable Lantern 500 Hour Runtime Power Bank Storm Light (600 Lumen, Orange)

Review about the product:-

If you are looking for a lantern with humongous battery capacity that would light up for extended time for your long exciting adventures camping Blazin’ Battery LED Rechargeable Lantern is a perfect choice for you.

The lantern can be used to charge USB devices with its two 6000mAh Li-ion batteries totalling about massive 120000mAh battery capacity. It can be used for power outage or emergency lighting.

With this you don’t need to worry about running low on smart phone batteries and compromise heart soothing music while camping.

The bright white LEDs on the lantern can be adjusted for perfect brightness for our needs with 600 lumens, the lantern runs upto 36 hours,for 250 lumen of brightness it runs for 100 hours and for the lowest 60 lumen of brightness the lantern runs for an impressive 600 long hours.

The Blazin’ Battery LED Rechargeable Lantern is made from strong and durable material so that it could withstand falls upto 5 feet. 

Be it gloomy rainy nights or accidental water splashes, the lantern can withstand it all with its waterproof build. 

Features of the product
600 Lumen brightness light
Covers full area 360 degree coverage 
Dimmable in 6 lighting modes (white and red)
Long standby of 500 Hours
waterproof and Durable 
Specifications of the product
Manufacturer = Blazin
Item Weight = 1 pounds
Product Dimensions = 3.5 x 3.5 x 7 inches
Batteries = 2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Color = Green
Material = Plastic
  • Long run time
  • Easily can charge any smart USB device
  • Dual light color
  • Get hot after some time

Supernova 300 Lumens Lantern For Camping

Supernova 300 Lumens Ultra Bright LED Camping and Emergency Lantern

Review about the product:-

Be it hiking or camping, portability is something that we cannot afford to trade off easily,who really wants to carry unnecessary weight and ruin the fun while outing right? 

The Supernova 300 Lumens Lantern is a lightweight ultra portable  lantern fabulously designed with the focus of hiking and camping portability needs.

Along with its portable design ,the lantern uses highly efficient LEDs which generate little heat and runs about three to six days continuously to shine with dazzling bright light of 300 lumen when required while camping.

The top of the lantern can be easily removed when required to be used as a forward light to illuminate the track at night or even can be hanged to tent to light it up.  

The lantern is made with so sturdy strong components that it comes with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer. Also the LED lights are guaranteed for 100,000 hours of use and would rarely require replacements saving you further costs.

Features of the product
LED lights are guaranteed for 100,000 hours of use
Less heat generated by LEDs
up to six days continuous usage
Removable top for focused forward lighting
Use of Sturdy rubber for maximum durability 
Specifications of the product
Manufacturer = Supernova
Part Number = Supernova-led-lantern-300
Item Weight = 14.6 ounces
Item Weight = 14.6 ounces
Material = Plastic
Average Battery Life = 144 Hours
Battery Cell Type = Alkaline
Luminous Flux = 300 Lumens
  • Robust build quality
  • Removable Top
  • High-efficiency LED with less Heat
  • Less bright light to cover large area

LED Lantern V2.0 For Indoors & Outdoors

LED Lantern V2.0 with Flashlight - The ORIGINAL Lantern Flashlight Combo. 2020 Tech (350 LUMENS) - Collapsible Camp Lamp - Great Light for Camping, Car, Shop, Attic, Garage - Batteries Included

Review about the product:-

In the age of deadlines hiking or outing are one of the best options to relieve stress and break boring daily routines that rule our day to day lives.

The LED Lantern V2.0 is a very versatile lantern perfect for outdoor as well as indoor like power outage needs or even at times of emergency lighting.

It is equipped with latest new generation COD LED lights with 305 lumen of dazzling brightness to meet our light requirements.

The lantern features a 360 degree light for better and overall illumination of a tent ,garage, caravan, boat or a shed simply by hanging it.

The LEDs on the lamp are intelligently illuminated when the top section is simply lifted upward, this makes it super hasslefree to light up the lantern in the dark.Also for deactivating the lights,just push the top section downwards.

Lightweightness and compact are key parameters in selecting any best lantern or hiking lantern,with only 5.5” height and 3.5” wide LED Lantern V2.0 perfectly fits in our requirements

Features of the product
Compact and lightweight at 5.5” high
COB LEDs are used 
Durable ABS body
Bright 360 degree illumination
Specifications of the product
Brand = HeroBeam
Luminous Flux = 350 Lumens
Color = Twin Pack
Item Weight = 9.6 Ounces
  • 360 degree bright illumination
  • Water resistant to IPX4 standard
  • Collapsible design
  • Plastic build

MalloMe LED Lanterns For Outdoors

MalloMe LED Camping Lantern Flashlights - Super Bright Lumen Portable Outdoor Emergency Lamp Lights

Review about the product:-

The MalloMe LED Lanterns is a pretty bright and ultra portable lantern perfectly designed to fit our camping, hiking or other outings illumination needs.

With its 360 degree illuminating light design,it covers up each and every corner of tent ,garage, caravan, boat or a shed with its dazzling bright light.

As a reliable companion during camping or hiking,the lantern must be robust and reliable even during hash natural conditions. This lantern can also be used for power outage.

The MalloMe Lantern is built using CE & ROHS approved military grade ABS material to withstand bumpy rocky surfaces when accidentally fallen.

Be it rainy dark nights or accidental water splashes during camping or hiking with its water proof build the lantern keeps on delivering luminous bright light.

Overall, the MalloMe Lantern is a well balanced choice for camping or hiking needs and can be a great option to gift our loved ones

for their adventure and safety.

Features of the product
Best LED camping lantern with blazing brightness made for outdoors
Spreading into 360 degrees offering fresh clean light
Easily collapsible to adjust the brightness
Water resistant and weather resistant
Specifications of the product
Brand = MalloMe
Color = Multi-colored
Light source = LED
Power source = Battery
Material = Plastic
Size of the product = 7.17 x 7.17 x 5.28 inches
Weight of the product = 2.38 Pounds
  • Portable and ultra bright LED lantern
  • Comes up with 4 different colors
  • Lights slightly flickers


Battery lanterns are a really great choice when it comes to our lightning needs. Be it indoor for reading books, writing assignments, studying, power ouatge etc or outdoor sporty activities like camping, hiking, fishing ,with adequate lighting things just are less hectic and are easily done without causing strain to our eyes. 

While enjoying adventurous activities like camping, hiking or fishing etc, it’s essential to have light sources that will last long so that we can keep enjoying our adventures, battery lanterns do a great job when it comes to our long lasting light needs.

Many battery lanterns come with a unique collasapable design.This feature is generally seen only in battery lanterns.with this feature size of the lantern can be dramatically reduced when needed and also easily restored to its full size.   

Battery lanterns generally come with dimmable LED feature.This feature saves battery life and also illuminates the right amount of brightness which is required for our specific activity, hence it makes a great choice for our outdoor light campainoin. With dimmable LEDs we can enjoy light with high brightness when required without worrying about battery.

Material used for battery lanterns are generally lightweight but are robust and durable at the same time,with this build battery lanterns are able to endure impact even when they fall on the ground accidently hence they serve us long. 

Unlike other types of lanterns battery lanterns are made waterproof this comes in great use when other types of lanterns such as oil lanterns cannot be used when it’s raining or snowing.

Overall all battery lanterns are a perfect choice since they have bright lights,longer battery life,portability and durability. Be it outdoor activities which require more bright light and even for our indoor like power outage day-to-day activities which require less brightness, battery lanterns perfectly serve our needs. 

Our Best Pick

Our Perfect Choice

Our Premium Pick

  • Four lighting modes

  • 3 D alkaline batteries

  • Available in 3 colors

  • Multiple Light Modes

  • Thermoplastic make

  • Portable USB charger

  • Super bright

  • Waterproof

  • Easy to handle

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Which is the preferred battery hurricane lantern?

UST 30-Day Duro LED is the preferred battery lantern with overall well balanced features.

Which is the brightest battery lantern?

Streamlight 44947 Super Siege  is brightest with 1100 lumen brightness.

Which is the battery lantern with the best battery capacity?

The lantern with the best battery capacity is Blazin’ Battery LED Rechargeable Lantern with 120000mAh capacity.

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